Hibernate randomly uses MySQL 5.5 and can't revert

I have been working on my project with the correct MySQL connector version 8. But then suddenly now it uses Mysql 5.5 instead of 8 on every project, even a fresh Spring Initialized project, this happens in the process of me checking out Jhipster and Liquibase.

I tried deleting .m2 folder, clear cache,… but nothing works.

The 5.5.0 version for [org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect] is no longer supported, hence certain features may not work properly. The minimum supported version is 5.7.0. Check the community dialects project for available legacy versions.

I copy every steps of this guide but still has the same error. https://spring.io/guides/gs/accessing-data-mysql/

This is not about the JDBC driver version but about the version of your database. You must upgrade to at least MySQL 5.7 if you want to use Hibernate 6.2 or switch to the org.hibernate.community.dialect.MySQLLegacyDialect of the hibernate-community-dialects module.