5.5.0 version for .MySQLDialect detected in Spring 3.2.2 Project

I am receiving the following WARN message when running a tutorial Spring Boot project.

2024-02-15T23:44:33.369-08:00 WARN 10033 — [ restartedMain] org.hibernate.dialect.Dialect : HHH000511: The 5.5.0 version for [org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect] is no longer supported, hence certain features may not work properly. The minimum supported version is 8.0.0. Check the community dialects project for available legacy versions.

My database is MariaDB, version 10.5.21-MariaDB-0+deb11u1.

For the POM, dependencies include the following:


The application.properties file only has the following 5 lines:


Any thoughts as to why I am getting this warning message? Is there a configuration location that pertains to org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect?

The IDE I am using is VSCode. Are there properties or settings in the IDE that pertain to this warning?

So far, the database connection is working fine. I can save and retrieve data with my Spring Boot application. But the presence of this warning puzzles me. I don’t understand what the underlying situation is that is triggering this warning.

If you’re using MariaDB, then you should use the MariaDB JDBC driver instead.

Thank you!

It took me a bit to realize I had to both add the org.mariadb dependency to the POM in place of the mysql connector dependency, and to edit the spring.datasource.url line in application.properties to refer to mariadb. But once both were done, the warning went away.

This page has installation instructions: Java Connector Using Maven - MariaDB Knowledge Base