Hibernate inheritance strategy at an application level

Hello folks!

Is there a way to set a Hibernate inheritance strategy at an application level?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

What do you mean at application level? Try to elaborate your question.

I have a combobox with the following entries:

  1. single table. (default)
  2. joined table.
  3. table per class.
    I’ve also have several entities in the project.
    Is there a way to change a hibernate inheritance strategy for all entity classes without adding an appropriate annotation to each class. The combobox should trigger it. What the best way to reach this goal?

Each strategy has it’s own database table design. So, unless you want to change you DB schema every time you switch that combo-box, then it’s not possible.

Therefore, you should rethink this requirement as it’s not something you’d want on a production system anyway.

Ok, understood, thank you for prompt reply.