Changing Hibernate strategy Inheritance type

I need to change my existing parent entity’s strategy inheritance type from TABLE_PER_CLASS to JOINED due to having a high CPU usage everyday on my Postgres DB. However, I’m trying to get the DB to work and I’m getting errors due to the foreign key not showing up in my db. Is my only option at this time to just delete all the tables in the db? And if yes, how can I get my existing data back into the new version of the tables when they don’t have a foreign key?

the foreign key not showing up in my db

You mean the foreign key between the tables of the JOINED inheritance hierarchy is not emitted by Hibernate hbm2ddl? By default, we should be creating foreign keys between the child tables tables and the root one on the primary key columns, unless explicitly disabled by the @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn annotation.

What version of Hibernate are you using? What does your polymorphic entity look like?