Hibernate.hbm2ddl.import_files not working

Hello Hibernate support,
When i use an alternatively named import script (i.e. golive-import.sql) it does not run when i deploy to my remote tomcat on Linux, when I user default script import.sql it does run.

Also note default import.sql and custom (golive-import.sql) both run successfully when i deploy to my local tomcat on windows. I have uploaded screenshot of my core-context, any idea what issue could be.


**tomcat log when using golive-import.sql DOES NOT RUN **
2018-01-23 13:30:03,978 INFO [localhost-startStop-1] (SchemaCreatorImpl.java:481) - HHH000476:
Executing import script ‘org.hibernate.tool.schema.internal.exec.ScriptSourceInputNonExistentImpl@e8256bc’

tomcat log when using import.sql DOES RUN
2018-01-23 16:30:56,007 INFO [localhost-startStop-1] (SchemaCreatorImpl.java:481) - HHH000476: Executing import script ‘ScriptSourceInputFromUrl(


If you can replicate it with our template, you should open a Jira issue.

More, you could try to debug it and see why it does not work and provide a fix via a Pull Request.

That’s the spirit of open-source software development, right?

Sure will do when i get the time, at the moment myself and my two buddies already working crazy hours to be ready for our go-live, and don’t have any spare time

what if putting the 2 files on the same property line, comma-separated?

Windows/Linux different behaviour make me also think to: could it be a stupid EOL problem (CRLF <-> LF)?