Hibernate ElasticSearch bug when indexing embedded boolean fields

We have a mapping where the parent record has a one to many relationship to entity A, which has a one to many relationship with entity B. Entity B has many string and boolean fields.

We use the mass indexer to initially index all of the parent records. When filtering parent objects on whether a boolean within B is true, hibernate returns different responses, depending on whether it is running ElasticSearch or not. In testing same thing happens if we only index a single parent object.

If we search for the records on Kibana the string fields of Entity B are correct, but for each boolean field the values are always the same as the value in the first entity from A, meaning for each entity A each boolean field within B is either all true, or all false, which affects our results.

We are running ES 6.8.4 and hibernate search 5.10.4, so not sure if this has already been fixed in a newer release. Happy to provide more info if needed :smiley:


It’s been fixed in 5.10.5.Final. Almost two years ago :slight_smile:

For reference: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HSEARCH-3407

My bad, thanks for the info!