Booleans with @IndexedEmbeded are wrongly set

After having troubles today with booleans with @IndexedEmbedded and @OneToMany relation, I’ve noticed that all the booleans values in the list are set base on the first element. However,
I’ve debugged a little bit the indexer and found out in /org/hibernate/search/elasticsearch/impl/
this line of code:

Boolean value = (Boolean) ( (TwoWayFieldBridge) fieldBridge ).get(, document );

which basically indicate to take always the first value and set it to the field without taking care of what is the index of that field.

is it how it should work, or is it a bug that you are aware of?

I think you’re talking about HSEARCH-3407, which was fixed in version 5.10.5.Final.

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Exactly! sorry I didn’t find the issue before :wink:
Glad it was solved :slight_smile: