Hibernate 5.2.6 + jdbc spec 4.2


Hibernate 5.2.X needs jdbc spec 4.2.
Is there any jdbc specification related tests which is getting executed?
what are all the jdcb spec 4.2 apis needed to run hibernate 5.2.X to run without any issue.
Waiting for your reply.

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Hibernate 5.2 can use both JDBC 4.2 as well as older versions if the spec.

The tests are not located in one place. What feature of JDBC 4.2 are you interested in?

Thank you VLAD for replying back !!! :slight_smile:
All ‘jdbc spec 4.2’ Apis needed by hibernate 5.2.X ?
this will help our driver team to implement required apis needed by hibernate 5.2.X instead of all from jdbc 4.2 spec.

I don’t think we make use of all API features. But you can just run the Hibernate tests using your Driver and see what’s needed to implement.

Thank you !!!
Already we are in process of doing that. :slight_smile:

You can do that using:

gradlew clean test -Pdb=pgsql

Where pgsql is located from databases.gradle and provides the PostgreSQL connection properties.

Thank you !!!
I hope this option came into picture post 5.2.6 release. We are doing our exercise in 5.2.6 and i dont see this option in 5.2.6 README.md file.
At present how i do is, directly changing the ‘hibernate.properties’ file(\src\test\resources) and including our driver in each modules gradle file <(module name).gradle>.