Hibernate 5.2.12 to 5.6.15 migration

I am trying to upgrade to 5.6.15 version of hibernate but facing issues with it. After changing maven pom version of hibernate, tomcat is not starting. I really don’t know how to address this issue. May be this issue is just tipof iceberg.

I am using, Java - 1.8.0_361 apache-tomcat-9.0.41 Current Hibernate - hibernate-core-5.2.12.Final

What will be right way to migrate? I mean step-by-step instructions.

I have enabled logs to see what is happening. But don’t see any details. I think tomcat is stuck.

See the list of migration guides here: Migration Guides · hibernate/hibernate-orm Wiki · GitHub

This community can help you with targeted Hibernate related questions. You give no context. Don’t share what errors you see or what you tried. So my answer is going to be a bad as your question:

Just use Quarkus.

If you want somebody to do your work you will have to contract a consultant e.g. a RedHat consultant.

Thanks!! I will check the guide.