Hibernate-ehcache version

I’m trying to upgrade a project that uses hibernate-ehcache from 5.3.13.Final to 6.1.2.Final. It used to be versioned in lock-step with hibernate-core. However, looking at search.maven.org, there appears to be only 6.0.0.Alpha7 from March of 2021 while hibernate-core is at 6.1.2.Final. Is this no longer supported? Is there some documentation that explains why?


Hi @mconner ,

I think you can find an explanation here.

Thanks, that explains things. As it happens, we actually are using hibernate-jcache, but we have some old integration test code still configured to use hibernate-ehcache. I’ll have to update that.

Note that the current documentation for 6.1 on Ehcache still describes using hibernate-ehcache. Is it possible to use older hibernate-ehcache versions, or is this not just deprecated, but no longer supported? If the latter, you may want to update the documentation to clarify that.

Hi @mconner ,

can you please open a Jira ticket for the doc issue?

Thanks a lot!

Created as HHH-15455

Thanks @mconner for the Jira!

Hi Someone point me to git hub repository for hibernate-ehcache jar