Hiberate Elasticsearch use SSL

I am newbie Java Hibernate
I connect ES without SSL is success. But I want ES with SSL = true and file .crt

I find google but i dont work.
Who help me or suggest keyword this problem. Thanks.

For questions about how to configure Elasticsearch, in particular how to use your own SSL certificate in Elasticsearch, please use the Elasticsearch forums.

You can configure Hibernate Search 6+ to use SSL to connect to Elasticsearch by setting the protocol explicitly in your configuration options:

hibernate.search.backend.hosts = es.mycompany.com:9200
hibernate.search.backend.protocol = https

Or alternatively use the full URI:

hibernate.search.backend.uris = https://es.mycompany.com:9200

For Hibernate Search 5, just use https in the host configuration property:

hibernate.search.default.elasticsearch.host = https://es.mycompany.com:9200