Connect Hibernate Search 6.1.5.Final + Elasticsearch 8.2.X using Token based authentication

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I configured the underlying Apache HTTP Client by implementing ElasticsearchAnalysisConfigurer with Spring Boot application as described in

The config files looks like :


My costum client :

It works well when connecting to an elasticsearch 8.2.x running in local host but it can’t reach a remote elasticsearch :

Am I missing something in the documentation?

Thank you in advance!

You seem to have hit a NullPointerException, which could be in the Hibernate Search code (I hope not!) or in your own.

Look for NullPointerException in your logs. You should see a stack trace before the one you posted: that’s the one giving all the details.

EDIT: Also, upgrading to JDK 17 would help, as NullPointerException gives much more sensible exception messages in that version.

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