Getting Error Unknown service requested [org.hibernate.stat.spi.StatisticsImplementor]

My service throws the error below for all queries for about 5 minutes at random times during the day. When this happens, No queries get executed. I still haven’t been able to figure out exactly why I get these errors and why they happen only at certain times during the day. Maybe it’s a db lock? I’m not sure. I was hoping someone has any idea what might be happening.

org.hibernate.service.UnknownServiceException: Unknown service requested [org.hibernate.stat.spi.StatisticsImplementor]
	at org.hibernate.service.internal.AbstractServiceRegistryImpl.getService(
	at org.hibernate.internal.SessionFactoryImpl.getStatisticsImplementor(
	at org.hibernate.internal.SessionFactoryImpl.getStatistics(
	at org.hibernate.internal.SessionImpl.<init>(
	at org.hibernate.internal.SessionFactoryImpl$SessionBuilderImpl.openSession(
	at org.hibernate.internal.SessionFactoryImpl.openSession(

I’m using Hibernate 4.3.1.Final

You are using a Hibernate version that is 8 years old. I don’t think anyone will be able to help you.