FlushMode is "ALWAYS" and can't be switched to "AUTO"

Hi, I am using native hibernate (not JPA) and have noticed that hibernate is always flushing after each sql statement. I then searched to find that this has been a reported issue:

This seems like a relatively significant bug and may not be noticed by most users since the behavior for typical functional tests would indicate that nothing is wrong.

The priority is Major, but remains open. Is this something that will be fixed?


Hi, there are many “major” issues, but it doesn’t really mean anything since everyone sees their self created issues as blockers or critical, but usually aren’t for the majority of users.
If you care so much about this issue, then you should try providing a fix for it. After all, Hibernate ORM is open source, so you can contribute :wink:

Hi, I noticed also that the Jira has no reproducer, this sometimes represents a kind of barrier to whoever want to resolve an existing issue so even contributing with a test case can be really useful to speed up its resolution .

I see there is a test case in the JIRA based on the templates provided. Do you need it checked in?

Hi beikov, not sure how you come up with “but usually aren’t for the majority of users”. That may be true in general, but in this case, all Native Hibernate (JTA) users are impacted since this bug changes the default from AUTO to ALWAYS. By silently changing it to ALWAYS the performance of all native hibernate users has degraded as well. A lot of applications are I/O bound and this is one of the few features that can alleviate that.

sorry my bad the Jira has a test case :smile:

I tried the test and it seems that this issue has been resolved in Hibernate 6.1.