Envers json changes not audited

I’m using a Embeddable Object to store i18n in a JSONB-Column like this:

@Table(schema = "mdata", name = "PART")
@Audited(withModifiedFlag = true)
public class Part {

   Translation description;


public class Translation {
   String de;
   String en;

All changes to the Part entity trigger an entry in the envers-table PART_AUD, but

  • changes to the JSONB description-column are not marked as modified and the
  • jsonb-values in the PART_AUD are always NULL.

I found the ticket HHH-16910 but the author describes a thrown error.
In my Quarkus 3.2.0 project it just silently fails…

any ideas?

I created ticket HHH-16932

Thanks for creating the JIRA issue. We will look into the bug as soon as we have time.

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