Changes in jsonb-field do not mark entity as dirty


i have a json-field in an entity like this

private MyJson jsonProperty;

Where MyJson is a simple POJO:

public class MyJson {
    private String stringProp;
    private Long longProp;

If i alter any of the properties of the json-field, these changes seem not to mark the entity as dirty ā†’ the changes are not updated in the DB.
Is there anything special to be considered when handling with json that iā€™m missing?

Which Hibernate version are you using?

I have a Quarkus 3.0.3 test-project with hibernate 6.2.1

Please try updating to 6.2.3.Final

My Quarkus 3.0.3 test-project is not working when i try to override the hibernate version to 6.2.3.Final manually
ā€¦i will try to build a quarkus localy with this hibernate-version and try this
edit: if have problems to make a local Quarkus build and asked for help in Quarkus zulip.

edit2: @beikov I found the already merged quarkus-branch to integrate hiberante-orm 6.2.3, built it localy and used it in my test-project.
My tests still fail: changes in the json-object are not written to the DB :disappointed_relieved:

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I created [HHH-16682] - Hibernate JIRA

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