Why does Hibernate 6 throws format conversion error with Like operator?

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently migrating from spring boot 2.6 to 3 and thus from hibernate 5.6 to 6.1.7.Final. I am using the upper function along with the LIKE clause as below:
upper(o.extraFields) LIKE ‘%"NLADCLIENT">TRUE%’. Ideally, while migrating to higher version, this query should be backward compatible. However, when I try to deploy the application, it throws the below error.

Caused by: java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = ‘"’
at java.base/java.util.Formatter.parse(Formatter.java:2750)
at java.base/java.util.Formatter.format(Formatter.java:2671)
at java.base/java.util.Formatter.format(Formatter.java:2625)
at java.base/java.lang.String.format(String.java:4141)
at org.jboss.logging.Slf4jLocationAwareLogger.doLogf(Slf4jLocationAwareLogger.java:92)
at org.jboss.logging.Logger.logf(Logger.java:2445)
at org.jboss.logging.DelegatingBasicLogger.debugf(DelegatingBasicLogger.java:343)
at org.hibernate.query.hql.internal.StandardHqlTranslator.translate(StandardHqlTranslator.java:75)

What might be the cause of this error and how to fix it ?

Update to the latest Hibernate version 6.2.6.Final, which comes with the latest supported Spring version 3.1