ValueGenerationType not working inside an EmbeddableId

I am trying to use a new ValueGenerationType annotation inside an EmbeddableId for getting the current_date from DB instead of from VM.

Using the new annotation directly from the Entity class that contains the EmbeddedId and it works okey, but if I moved it inside the EmbeddableId class, it doesnt work and always throws an error because that param is null (as it is part of a PK, it cant be null)

Althought description is not in English, JAVA code is detailed in this stackoverflow question wrote:

Is anthing wrong in my code? Should I define anything more? Am I using ValueGenerationType in a wrong way?

I opened the HHH-13096 issue which aims to document this behavior so that you can better understand its limitations and what workarounds you have for it.

Should I upload a failing test to the issue? I dont use GitHub and I am not really sure how to upload the test to it, sorry.

Anyway, as a workaround, I am trying to define a @SQLInsert for the Entity class, but seems I am doing something wrong too, because I pick the Hibernte console log SQL and replace the corresponding parameter ‘?’ for the function current_date, and it always complains: “Column index out of range: 4, number of columns: 3”

Check out the test cases provided in this pull request. You can find a workaround for calling the database function upon persisting the entity.