Validator 6.0.13 on Maven central?


I’ve added a comment in the announcement post, but I don’t think it was noticed, so I’m asking here.

Any ETA on when Validator 6.0.13 will reach Maven central?
I don’t see it there yet.



Thanks for insisting. This is annoying, yet another sync issue between our Nexus and Maven Central. I’ll open a ticket and let you know when everything is synced.

Thanks again for mentioning the problem.


Hmm, still nothing? :thinking:


Still in progress. There’s a sync issue with Central, a ticket has been opened and Sonatype is looking into it.

I’ll post here when I have more concrete news.

Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.


@andrei-ivanov it’s finally there. Sorry about the delay.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: