Using an @Embeddable with only one @Generated field raises an error


I recently submitted an issue on that topic here but maybe I should have asked about it here first.
Code and test case are in the link above.

The issue is that hibernate raises an error when an @Entity contains an @Embeddable with multiple attributes but only one being annotated with @Generated :
org.hibernate.tuple.entity.CompositeValueGenerationException: Property of on-execution generated embeddable is not generated: xx.xx

Is that the expected behaviour now or am I missing something ?
We recently upgraded to hibernate 6.1.7 and it used to work on previous versions.

Do you know if this this also worked in Hibernate 5?

I believe it worked with hibernate 5 as we found this issue while migrating from spring-boot 2.7 (hibernate 5.6.9.Final) to spring-boot 3.1.

Thanks for the report. We will look into this as soon as we find the time for it.