Use @Entity as dto without initializing the properties lazy

unfortunately on a legacy project @Entity are used as DTOs and exported to the client through ejb remoting with wildfly.
Lazy properties that are not used by the client are not initialized (and not being used a LazyInitializationException is not thrown)
Everything worked until 6.1.
Since 6.2 a change has been introduced in where a sessionFactory is required in the readResolve, which is not used on the client side. How can I now deserialize entities with uninitialized proxies without having to change all the server-side code?

I’d suggest you to create a feature request for this in the Hibernate JIRA. The global BytecodeProvider instance was removed as part of [HHH-16058] - Hibernate JIRA on purpose, but I understand the desire to make this work in your environment. I guess we can introduce some sort of config property to allow using a global BytecodeProvider for your use case, but this is definitely something that will have to wait until at least 6.3 or 6.4.