Upgrading to hibernate 4.3.8.Final increasing number of sessions on production DB

Hey All,

We have recently upgraded from hibernate 3.x to 4.3.8-Fina and using c3p0-, we are getting high number of connections on production DB resulting in server choke. However the performance testing with more load than production is working fine, not able to replicate the production issue. Please advice what configurations we can check, how to log the check-in, check-out of the sessions, And can hibernate statistics will help here to identify the connection leak?


Hibernate 4.x is more than 10 years old, and it’s no longer supported. I’m afraid you’re going to need to upgrade to a more recent version if you want any help from the community, you can find more information on our website.

Currently, upgrading to newer version is not possible, can you please advice on configurations, loggers which can help on identifying memory leak?

Sorry, we can’t help you. If you want community support, you have to upgrade to the latest version. Also see our maintenance policy.