Type match issue

Hello, i have spent most of the day trying to figure out what is wrong here, maybe i am missing some key point or there is a known bug (could not find in jira).

For some reason whatever is entered inside .in() does not get validated correctly. (I tried to convert the ‘reason’ variable into Set with 1 item too - same result (as well as .in() according to javadocs is taking in objects without collection so not expecting difference here)

Expression forbiddenByReason = root.get(Description_.reasons).in(reason), builder.literal(1L)).otherwise(builder.literal(0L));

Then after calling createQuery the error (pasted at the bottom) comes up.

For clarity i am attaching relevant code:

public enum Reason {



@Generated(value = “org.hibernate.jpamodelgen.JPAMetaModelEntityProcessor”)
public abstract class Description_ {
public static volatile SetAttribute<Description, Reason> forbiddenReasons;

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter value [ALLOW_AS_PARENT] did not match expected type [java.util.Set (n/a)] at org.hibernate.jpa.spi.BaseQueryImpl.validateBinding(BaseQueryImpl.java:874) at org.hibernate.jpa.internal.QueryImpl.access$000(QueryImpl.java:80) at org.hibernate.jpa.internal.QueryImpl$ParameterRegistrationImpl.bindValue(QueryImpl.java:248) at org.hibernate.jpa.spi.BaseQueryImpl.setParameter(BaseQueryImpl.java:620) at org.hibernate.jpa.spi.AbstractQueryImpl.setParameter(AbstractQueryImpl.java:180) at org.hibernate.jpa.spi.AbstractQueryImpl.setParameter(AbstractQueryImpl.java:49) at org.hibernate.jpa.criteria.compile.CriteriaCompiler$1$1.bind(CriteriaCompiler.java:126) at org.hibernate.jpa.criteria.CriteriaQueryImpl$1.buildCompiledQuery(CriteriaQueryImpl.java:386) at org.hibernate.jpa.criteria.compile.CriteriaCompiler.compile(CriteriaCompiler.java:147) at org.hibernate.jpa.spi.AbstractEntityManagerImpl.createQuery(AbstractEntityManagerImpl.java:736)

Not sure what this partial code that you pasted here is about, but it’s not legal Java code, so I have to assume that there is something wrong in your code. You can check with your IDE which method it is that is actually called as there are multiple overloaded in methods on Expression and it might be that you are just calling the wrong one because reason has the wrong static type.