StoredProcedureQuery Result Map to Java Pojo

I have a Database StoredProcedure, which is result of multiple joins of different tables, which are not mapped as an entity . is their a way to map the result to a Pojo without declaring as an entity.

Thanks in Advance

You can use a DTO projection to map the ResultSet to a POJO.

@vlad,You mean to say something like this below


Yes, you can try it like that. Or, use the constructor result approach.

I have tried that way,as mentioned below but i am getting below Exception
entityManager.createNativeQuery("call my_Storedprocedure(?)").setParameter(1,myParam).unwrap(Query.class).setResultTransformer(Transformers.aliasToBean(MyTargetClass.class));


java.lang.ClassCastException: MyTargetClass cannot be cast to java.util.Map

Try to debug it and see why you get that exception.