StoredProcedureQuery param name binding in hibernate 6


i am trying to migrate to Spring 3 and hibernate 6 and i am using StoredProcedureQuery with named parameters, it was working fine in Hibernate 5, but when i migrated to Hibernate 6 it fails with this error Error calling CallableStatement.getMoreResults [ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to ‘GET_NEXT_MESSAGES’

it’s failing in Oracle and Mssql Db, when i change the order of the registerStoredProcedureParameter methods to match the procedure order, it works fine, is the param name is not being considered any more???

is there any way to make it work same as the old behavior without changing the order of the registered params as i am passing the param name??

        StoredProcedureQuery storedProcedureQuery = entityManager.createStoredProcedureQuery("procedure_name", Entity.class);
        storedProcedureQuery.registerStoredProcedureParameter(STATUS, String.class, IN);
        storedProcedureQuery.registerStoredProcedureParameter(PMAXRETRY, Integer.class, IN);
        storedProcedureQuery.registerStoredProcedureParameter(CUR_OUT, Void.class, REF_CURSOR);

        storedProcedureQuery.setParameter(STATUS, "PENDING");
        storedProcedureQuery.setParameter(PMAXRETRY, 10);

I don’t know how this worked before, but as far as I understand, Oracle does not support named parameters for callable statements through JDBC. Maybe that’s old information and this was fixed in the meantime, but nobody actually complained so far.
If you have a source for the named parameter support, please share that with us and then we can take a look at supporting this.
The same holds for SQL Server. To our knowledge, the driver simply does not support named parameters.