Spring + hibernate versus Spring Data JPA: Are they different?

Although not novice, I am trying to learn spring framework (again!) in order to be sure that I really understand this. I have got fair idea on core Spring (DI). Now, I am focusing on Data layer.

I have come across the term " Spring and Hibernate ". As I can interpret it would mean using Spring Framework with Hibernate as ORM tool/JPA provider.

Now I have come across " Spring Data JPA ". I clarified on SO about Spring Data JPA, that it is an abstraction layer on-top of JPA (and under the hood Spring Data JPA uses Hibernate or any other JPA provider).

Now are these terms same? That is, is " Spring + hibernate " same as that of " Spring Data JPA ". If not, then what is the difference / similarities?

I am really confused on so many terms/statements (like above) seemingly to be similar, but may be different.