Regression with DB2


I have a project using spring-boot and a DB2 database.
I am migrating from spring-boot 2.7.0 / hibernate 5.6.9.Final to spring-boot 3.0.0 / hibernate 6.1.5.Final.

When doing so, the following error occurs :
[...] org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException: JDBC exception executing SQL [select * from (select e1_0.empno c0,row_number() over() rn from employee e1_0) r_0_ where order by r_0_.rn]; SQL [n/a]

I have isolated the issue in a minimal sample and raised the bug here and here:

But I am unsure that it is the right hibernate project to raise this bug.
I am not even sure to have posted on the right category …

Could someone take a look and redirect me please ?
Thanks !

Let’s continue the discussion on the JIRA issue