Read renamed persistence.xml

How to read renamed persistence.xml file in application?for example persistence-test.xml,file location specified in src/main/resources/META-INF folder , while creating entitymanager factory using persistence-test.xml exception is thrown stating that unable to create entitymanager with persistence unit name

Are you using Spring?

Yes sir I am using spring data jpa but as i have informed you entitymanager which injected using @ Persistencecontext is not releasing open I want to create separate entity manager in application for batch operations,which is created using persistence.xml apart from spring injection.will it be possible to create entitymanager ?If i rename persistence.xml to persistence- test and place in src/main/resources/META-INF I want to create entitymanager using persistence-test.xml

If you can replicate it with this test case template:

Then it could be a Hibernate issue.

If you can only replicate it with Spring, it’s a Spring issue and you have to investigate it with the Spring team.

Using just Hibernate ORM the configuration file must be named persistence.xml .

If Spring makes it possible to name it differently that’s a Spring feature so like Vlad suggests you should report such issues to Spring.

Thank you sir.can you please post link of spring team ?so that I can check with them .