Provision to set index document mapping to dynamic instead of strict with ES

Is there any way to set the default index document mapping to dynamic instead of strict via the Using 6.0.0.Beta6 version as of now.

There is not any way to do that at the moment, short of creating indexes yourself using REST APIs and skipping schema validation in Hibernate Search.

However, I’ll be working on adding dynamic fields (field templates) in Beta7, so you should be able to work with dynamic schemas when we release Beta7.

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When is the expected release date of Beta7? and when is the overall release date planned for the Final version to be released?

We generally try to release a new beta every month, so theoretically it would be at the beginning of May… if all goes well.

As to the Final… “when it is ready”. I am not in a position to make promises on release dates, unfortunately.

No problem man, thanks anyway