Post transaction hook

Is there a way to define a post transaction hook instead of using the standard @PostPersist/Update/Delete but to keep the event like created/updated/deleted?

I’m using a redis (don’t know if should mention it now after the license change, but I have done it now :sweat_smile:) and would like to update its content only when the transaction has been completed, when all the cascaded data has been update/created/deleted.

P.S. I do know that Hibernate search has something similar for their indexing needs with elastic/opensearch.

Just going to answer this myself :upside_down_face:, found the documentation with some lucky keywords after writing this jakarta ee - Check whether a JTA transaction is successfully committed - Stack Overflow and after that found a lot more help in the quarkus code.
Using transactions in Quarkus - 3.8 - Quarkus
Add support for transactional observer event · Issue #2224 · quarkusio/quarkus · GitHubIntroduce transactional observer support by manovotn · Pull Request #6581 · quarkusio/quarkus · GitHub
Support event handle after/before transactional commited · Issue #22961 · quarkusio/quarkus · GitHub

Not marking it as a solution yet since I haven’t tried to implement it.