Partial re indexing

can we do re indexing of data partially?
say only do indexing of last one year data.
maybe we can do indexing of data in chunks, so that high availability in prod environment.

You can if you can craft an SQL query to select only that last year worth of data:

That being said, in both cases, if entities may have been deleted since the last ‚Äúpartial reindexing‚ÄĚ, you will need to do a ‚Äúpartial purge‚ÄĚ of the data, to delete from the index the entities that were deleted during the last year. That ‚Äúpartial purge‚ÄĚ is not currently supported, so you will have to do it yourself (by making calls to Elasticsearch‚Äôs REST API, for example using the low-level REST client). That might be complex.

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