P2 Repositories for Hibernate

Hello, I’m looking for a P2 Repository for Hibernate. I can’t find a public repository that is handling/providing the Hibernate dependencies.

All repositories that I could find where discontinued or miss the Hibernate libraries.

Within Eclipse Orbit there are many commonly used libraries included but Hibernate is also missing there.

With a big project like Hibernate it seems weird that there is no public p2 repository for it?

With regards,

P2 repositories are specific to Eclipse, but you can take a look on Hibernate OSGI if you want to run Hibernate with Eclipse Equinox.

It is not about “working” with Hibernate and OSGI.

Hibernate is one of the dependencies that I need to reference/resolve within a Tycho Build. (For a XText project)

Therefore it needs to be included in the target platform config.

I have no idea what Tycho Build means. Most likely you need to ask this question on the Eclipse forum since P2 repositories are Eclipse-specific.

Hibernate OSGI is the only thing that’s provided by Hibernate for OSGI environments.

Ok, to clarify the context.

Xtext is a framework for DSLs and code generation. Primarily for Eclipse and Java code but it also supports oder languages and f.e. IntelliJ.

Mostly it is build with Maven or Gradle. Tycho is a build reactor that bridges the Maven world with the Eclipse world.

You can find the Hibernate artifacts on Maven central. From there, it’s the responsibility of that framework to provide what you need, so you should ask this question in their forum.