ORM minimum requirement

While upgrading to Spring 6, I came across this minimum requirement of using the hibernate orm version - JPA support for Hibernate ORM 6.1 (retaining compatibility with Hibernate ORM 5.6). from here (What's New in Spring Framework 6.x · spring-projects/spring-framework Wiki · GitHub)

Since I have a legacy hibernate (non - JPA), does the above statement means:

  1. that I can use Hibernate ORM 6.1 with non-JPA based hibernate as well since it is retaining compatibility with 5.6 version?

  2. Is the compatibility just limited to 6.1 version only or anything after 6.1 will work with non JPA legacy hibernate as well?

I have no idea what Spring does behind the scenes to “achieve” such a compatibility, so you better ask this question in a Spring forum.