OneToOne mapping has unique constraint when generating schema

Have mapping
EntityB entB;

EntityA entA;

According to migration docs for hibernate 6.2.2

" Previous versions of Hibernate did not create a UNIQUE constraint on the database for logical[1] one-to-one associations marked as optional. That is not correct from a modeling perspective as the foreign-key should be constrained as unique. Starting in 6.2, those UNIQUE constraints are now created.

If this causes problems for an application, creation of the UNIQUE constraint can be skipped using @jakarta.persistence.ForeignKey(NO_CONSTRAINT)."

The question is where & how can I apply @ForeignKey annotation so unique constraint generation will be skipped ?
So far I tried to apply it to @JoinColumn on both sides and it gives 0 effect I still see in the logs that schema is generated with unique constraint:

    create table EntityA (
        ent_d_id bigint unique,
    create table EntityD (
        ent_a_id bigint unique,

And of course I’m not allowed to insert 2 records that violates this constraint…
Is there way to get rid of that constraint without re-mapping to OneToMany and ManyToOne ? as it seems ManyToOne doesn’t generate unique constraint…

The migration guide text for this seems a bit confusing, as @ForeignKey(NO_CONSTRAINT) has no effect on uniqueness. I’ll make sure this is fixed.

If you don’t have unique values, you must map it as @ManyToOne, otherwise you might run into other problems.