NPE when using CompositeUserType with generic fields in Hibernate 6

After migrating from hiberante 5.1.2 to hibernate 6.2.6 as i understand it, i must used CompositeUserType (instead of userType) to map 2 columns to one object. It’s all working great BUT if this object contains generic fields then i get NPE:

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "[I.clone()" because "original.originalPropertyOrder" is null
	at org.hibernate.mapping.Component.<init>( ~[hibernate-core-6.2.6.Final.jar:6.2.6.Final]
	at org.hibernate.mapping.Component.copy( ~[hibernate-core-6.2.6.Final.jar:6.2.6.Final]
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.ClassPropertyHolder.handleGenericComponentProperty( ~[hibernate-core-6.2.6.Final.jar:6.2.6.Final]
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.ClassPropertyHolder.addPropertyToPersistentClass( ~[hibernate-core-6.2.6.Final.jar:6.2.6.Final]
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.ClassPropertyHolder.addProperty( ~[hibernate-core-6.2.6.Final.jar:6.2.6.Final]

Sample code:

 @CompositeType(value = FooUserType.class)
            @AttributeOverride(name = "type", column = @Column(name = "column1", updatable = false)),
            @AttributeOverride(name = "json", column = @Column(name = "column2", updatable = false, columnDefinition = "clob"))
    protected Foo foo;


public class FooUserType implements CompositeUserType<Foo> {


public class Foo<T extends Enum<T>>  implements AnotherInterface<T> {

    private final T type;

    private String revision;

Looks like a bug. Please create an issue in the issue tracker( with a test case( that reproduces the issue.

Thanks, but for the next time, please make sure the correct project is selected for an issue that you want to create. The Hibernate ORM project (short name HHH in JIRA) is what you should have selected. The Bean Validation project is for Jakarta Bean Validation specification topics.

My mistake. I will pay attention next time