Nhibernate column mapping to sql scalar .net core

My application asp.net is using nhibernate in a CQRS pattern. The command and the Query are wcf but in the same solution. I decided to separate my Commands in a .net core service to be more scalable.
I am using an encrypted column in SSN of the User table.I implemented based on https://brosteins.com/2014/07/25/sql-server-database-encryption-with-nhibernate-series-part-4-of-5/

  1. public string Ssn
  2. {
  3. get { return SsnRead; }
  4. set { SsnWrite = value; }
  5. }
    This use to work before my changes. Now the Ssn is not encripted at all. This is the mapped column
    Map(x => x.SsnWrite).Column(“SsnWrite”).CustomType();
    Is it due to the separation? any idea?