Migration from 5.6.15 to 6.1.7

Hello everyone,
I’m updating some dependencies in a project and I have the following scenario.
I have EntityA which has a relationship with EntityB. EntityA in the database has a column which references EntityB by its ID
Entity B tho, doesn’t exist still, but will exist in the feature with Primary Key 1.

Right now when I do entityA.getEntityB() it is populated with the PrimaryKey and with no other things.
After the update, this behavior isn’t there anymore entityA.getEntityB() returns null in this case.

It seems like Hibernate in version 5.6.15 creates a Shallow copy with only the PK filled in, instead the 6.1.17 version is returning directly null.

Anyone has any clue?

Hibernate ORM 6.1 is not supported anymore. Update to ORM 6.5.

Not possible to go past 6.1, jee version

Then I’m sorry for you, but you’re out of luck. ORM 6.1 is not maintained anymore.

Yes, I understand that, but I don’t want it to be maintained, patched or reporting a bug.
I’m just asking if there is a way to have it the old way, or the only alternative, which in my case isn’t doable, is to update.
Is this fixed in newer versions or it just changed like that and it’s not intended to return the way it was before?

You do not provide enough information for us to understand what the problem really is that you’re facing. It would be best for you to provide a reproducer with our test case template so that we can look into what you’re trying to do.