Mapping sports game with two @OneToOne relations

I have the following hierarchy for a football match.

public class Match {
    protected Integer id;

    @Column(name = "home_team_id")
    private int homeTeamId;

    @Column(name = "away_team_id")
    private int awayTeamId;

    private TeamScore homeScore;

    private TeamScore awayScore;

@Entity(name = "team_score")
public class TeamScore  {
	protected TeamScoreId id;
	private List<Goal> goals;

public class TeamScoreId {
	@Column(name = "match_id")
	private Integer matchId;
	@Column(name = "team_id") 
	private int teamId;

And I have a problem with mapping homeScore and awayScore in Match with TeamScore entity.
The first concern is whether two @OneToOne relations should be here. And how should they be configured?
The second one relates to matchId in TeamScoreId. How this mapping can be performed?

Since TeamScore has a composite identifer, check out this article for an example of how you should map those 2 One-to-one associations.