Jpa orm DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO automatically for oracle database

hi there.
our application stack is:
*spring: 5.1.5.RELEASE
*hibernate ORM : 5.3.7.Final
*oracleDB: 18c

we configure our web maven project application with java based JPA-ORM configuration. we have @entity classes and every entity class has its DAO class that extends from a generic DAO. generic DAO class has its autowired javax.persistence.EntityManager inside that do persist,merge,remove actions on services demand. our service classes are @Transactional.

our oracle DBA wants DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO( on any query that is send by application ORM Entity Manager. is there a hibernate service method annotation or JPA ORM configuration properties that we set so that send DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO automatically for database?

thanks for your support.

Look at EJB interceptor