java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to locate Attribute with the the given name [rdResponsesList] on this ManagedType [com.vw.asa.entities.Model]

I have a Mapped Super Class (Model) that is inherited by my entity RdResponses, where the attribute is being searched for.

In the source code, it appears that this line is called:

	PersistentAttributeDescriptor<? super J, ?> attribute = declaredAttributes.get( name );
		if ( attribute == null && getSuperType() != null ) {
			attribute = getSuperType().getAttribute( name );
		checkNotNull( "Attribute ", attribute, name );

It seems that it just checks for existence of a super class, and then ‘assumes’ the attribute will be there? This kind of goes against the convention of mapped super classes.

When it calls getSuperType().getAttribute(name); it triggers the exception because that attribute is not in the MSC. Could there be a check done to see if the mapped super class contains that attribute? There are only a few attributes in my MSC that are inherited by a large number of entities.

Could you please show the model and how you try to lookup the attribute?