Java Hibernate error: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'order'

I set up a select to make a query and sort by dt_payment, and this is giving an error complaining about incorrect syntax, I already looked in other forums and can’t find a solution, I ask for help for this case follow the code:

public List findListHolerith(String cpf) throws ServiceException{

	List<Holerith> listaHolerith = null;
	Session hSession = HibernateFactory.factory().getSession();
		Criteria hCriteria = hSession.createCriteria(Holerith.class);
		hCriteria.add(Restrictions.eq(Holerith.PROP_cpf ,cpf));
		listaHolerith = hCriteria.list();
	} catch(HibernateException e){
		throw new ServiceException(e);
	} catch(Exception e) {
		log.error(e.getMessage(), e);
		throw new ServiceException(e);
	return listaHolerith;

Looks like your restriction is missing a closing parethesis: Restrictions.sqlRestriction("convert(Date,Dtpagamento,103")

Pessoal obrigado pela atenção eu decidir fugir do criteria e montar a querystring e funcionou infelizmente trabalhar com sustentação é isso…

Sorry but I don’t understand Portuguese

I have the same issue