Jakarta Persistance API 3.0

Is there a timeline when Hibernate will migrate to jakarta and JPA 3.0?

There is no timeline, but application servers like Wildfly already support the use of the jakarta namespace: WildFly

Is it a correct assumption that we cannot use Hibernate if we move to JPA 3.0?

On Wildfly you can by using the preview feature. Other environments aren’t supported yet, mainly because there is no Hibernate artifact yet that uses the JPA 3.0 APIs, but you could make use of bytecode transformation like Wildfly does, although that might not be that easy. I know there is some maven plugin for doing the transformations. The problem with Jakarta APIs is, that there are tons of dependent libraries that haven’t yet migrated, so even if Hibernate shipped with a JPA 3.0 artifact, you’d probably still need to use such a plugin or make sure you update all dependent libraries as well.

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