Integration with Hibernate Reactive

Does Hibernate Search support integration with Hibernate Reactive?

The setup that I have is an existing Quarkus project with Hibernate Reactive. I tried to create a POC with Hibernate Search, thought that it would have suited nicely for full-text functionality, however the integration is not going smoothly.

Could not find any other info about the current state of compatiblity here:

Found a post from last year about future plans to support reactive programming: Hibernate Search Scroller-API as Flow.Publisher - #2 by yrodiere

Thanks in advance for the clarifications!

No, Hibernate Search does not work with Hibernate Reactive. The hibernate-search-mapper-orm module probably never will; if Hibernate Reactive gets supported one day, that will most likely be through a different module (hibernate-search-mapper-reactive?)

Anyway, I’m afraid that quote is still relevant:

There’s been little demand so far and there are tons of things to do, so it’s all about priorities. And also about difficulty, I guess: I suspect integrating with Hibernate Reactive would require very significant changes.

Feel free to create a feature request though, that would at least give people a way to let us know they actually need that integration.