Insert a record in 2 table bounded ontoone inJSF/JPA


I am forced to ask for help / advice, I stopped on the following problem and I can not continue for a week - :frowning:
Current status code JSF / JPA:
2 entities = POJO class with fields corresponding to the form of writing from the web (Student) and a class representing the activation status of a given user in the system (UserActivation): below extracts without getters and setter fields defining and connecting master and foreign keys; attached MySQL schema for 2 tables in relation 1-1 and debugging dump from the Wfly console
throwing an exception:

"Can not add or update a child key: a foreign key constraint fails (paw_news``signatories_activation, CONSTRAINT signatories_activation_ibfk_1 FOREIGN KEY (id) REFERENCES signatories (id) ON UPDATE CASCADE) "

If the code saves data from the registration form to the ‘signatories’ table without any problems, it does not allow for parallel writing to the ‘signatories_activation’ table connected by the relation 1-1
Interestingly, if I delete the foreign key from the signatories_activation table in MYSQL, the code will save the data to two tables, except that
signatories_activation in the fields in the primary key and foreign set value
The record for the above scheme was carried out in a similar way as the Lord showed on the exercises: first to the table from the form via studentService and … Dao and then to the signatories_activation table through the studentService and … Dao.

Maybe somewhere in the JPA code you have to indicate that the generated value in the field should be written in the field (I do not know how to do it, i did not practice such an example , i’ am rookie…:-))

Without seeing your code, it’s impossible to say what’s wrong.