In pure JPA, Can an @ElementCollection with @CollectionTable contain non-entities?

In my entity, I have an effectively one-to-many reference to another table. This other table, which only has two fields just contains a list of integers for each entry present in my first entity table, with uniqueness on each combination. In the first entity, this is the declaration for my @ElementCollection representing that other table:

@CollectionTable(name = "other_table", joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "my_id")) @ElementCollection private Set<Integer> mynumbers = new HashSet<>();

What I am wondering is, can I refer to this structure from JPQL or criteria query without having to make a separate entity that represents that other table? Currently it seems like this isn’t possible, as I receive “column not found” type error when querying “:param MEMBER OF mynumbers” in JPQL or criteria query, so it’s assuming that I actually have a column by that name. I am able to query the other table if I create an entity for it, is that the only way? I’m wondering if this is the case or if there’s something I am missing. Thanks

Found out how to do this with ParameterExpression, as described here. No need to use MEMBER OF