HTE_ prefix added on default to database table names

Hi all,

I am facing the issue that Hibernate adds on default the prefix “HTE_” to all my assigned entities. My question is if there is a possible way to disable this or set another default prefix?

@Table(name = “TEST_TABLE”)

the above table name results in HTE_TEST_TABLE when connecting to the Oracle database

I am using:
Java 19
Spring Boot version v3.0.1
Hibernate-core version 6.1.6.Final
Apache Maven version 3.8.6
Oracle Database 21c Express Edition for Windows x64

Thanks in advance!

The HTE_ prefix is something that is prepended to temporary tables. These tables are created for certain multi-table mutation operations. Since Oracle has global temporary tables, these tables have to be created on startup upfront. You can create these tables yourself and then disable the automatic emitting of these create table DDLs, but you have to update to 6.2.0.CR1 for that, since the setting hibernate.hql.bulk_id_strategy.global_temporary.create_tables was only introduced as part of [HHH-15550] - Hibernate JIRA for 6.2.

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