How to work with SSH

Hello everyone,
Im new to hibernate, linux and ssh.
im managed to work with mysql workbench with the SSH and my question is:
How I use the hibernate to work with mysql server though SSH?
Is it possible or I have to change my project so I could work with SSH?

thanks in advance.


Not sure how you use MySQL Workbench with SSH but for Hibernate, you just need to establish an SSH tunnel and then connect to the local port that will be forwarded to your distant server (look for ssh -L).

I’m pretty sure you’ll find plenty of examples on the Internet with these keywords.

Thanks for the reply. (i develop on windows so everything is easy there :slightly_smiling_face: )
Just to make sure this is something i need to take care in the hibernate.cfg.xml or outside of it?


You need to take care of it outside of it and establish an SSH tunnel as I explained.

Hibernate will then connect to a local port as if it was the distant one.