How to request Hibernate organisation for more documentation on JPA XML mapping


As I’ve mentioned in my other topic, there are some situations where we need (badly need) XML mapping in our projects (If I’m not wrong in my other post).

In the HIbernate User guide, there is very little amount of information about orm.xml. I want to request Hibernate community for more information on creating and using this XML mapping method.

How to request Hibernate for such documentation?

Thank you.

The orm.xml mapping documentation is provided by the JPA spec. If you read the JPA standard, you are going to find all the info that you need.

The User Guide uses annotations because they are more prevalent. However, the JPA spec is complementary to the Hibernate User Guide so you need to read them both.

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Hello @vlad,

Thank you for replying. It would be helpful if you provide and official JPA specification URL and any other helpful link. Is this the official JPA link? Because the website says, its a “Java Community Process”.

thank you.

Yes, that’s the right resource. It’s hosted by Oracle.