How to migrate registerColumnType with length while upgrading to Hibernate. 6.5.1

I have upgraded from Hibernate 5 to Hibernate 6, and I have a custom dialect. How can I move the following code? Thanks in advance

    public class ASQLServerDialect extends org.hibernate.dialect.SQLServerDialect{

    public ASQLServerDialect() {
        registerColumnType(java.sql.Types.VARCHAR, "text");
        registerColumnType(java.sql.Types.VARCHAR, 255, "text");
        registerColumnType(java.sql.Types.VARCHAR, "nvarchar($l)");
        registerColumnType(java.sql.Types.CLOB, "nvarchar(max)");
        registerColumnType(java.sql.Types.VARCHAR, 2147483647, "text");
        registerColumnType(java.sql.Types.VARCHAR, 100, "nvarchar(100)");



You can override the org.hibernate.dialect.Dialect#registerColumnTypes method in your custom Dialect and register the types through the org.hibernate.type.descriptor.sql.spi.DdlTypeRegistry methods, you can look at any of the Hibernate’s natively supported dialects for an example (e.g. SQLServerDialect).

Also note that with version 6 version-specific dialects were deprecated in favor of the standard ones, Hibernate will take care of detecting the version from the database itself on startup. I suggest you extend from org.hibernate.dialect.SQLServerDialect from now on.

thanks for the quick response. it is very helpful for me, but I am a little confused about this registerColumnType(java.sql.Types.VARCHAR, 2147483647, "text") How can we register/map a column with data length through DdlTypeRegistry methods.