How to keep all Independent elastic. Search clusters (5.6.0)in sync using hibernate search

Hi Yaunroudire,
Iam big fan of hibernate search technology and this led me to use it in one of my crashanalytics project , everything is working superb but now in production now instead of one elastic search we will be using three elastic search clusters , and only one Oracle database as source , and load balancing will happen Everytime as there will be two or three instances of crashanalytics connected to three different elsticsearch clusters , so what will happen is data will be indexed in only one elastic search clusters whichever will serve the request at the time of load balancing so my problem is I want to keep all the three clusters in sync together so is there any way to do that using hibernate search technology
Technology used
Hibernate search 5.11
Oracle19c + elastic search 5.6.0
Now solution which I found is in elastic search 7.8 which is having cross clusters replication not in 5.6.0
Please guide me for this


Hibernate Search doesn’t include a feature to send data to multiple Elasticsearch clusters. The assumption is that you’ll use a single cluster and add nodes to that cluster as necessary to get more replica shards. If you need to replicate data across multiple clusters, I’d say it’s more of an Elatsicsearch problem than a Hibernate Search problem.

I don’t know about Elasticsearch features regarding cross-cluster replication, but if you need Elasticsearch 7.8, I’d recommend switching to Hibernate Search 6:

  • Elasticsearch support in Hibernate Search 5 is experimental and limited to Elasticsearch 5.6; some higher versions may work but I doubt 7.8 will.
  • Elasticsearch support in Hibernate Search 6 is no longer experimental and versions of Elasticsearch higher than 6 (including 7.8) are actually tested.